April = Stress Awareness Month

Did you happen to know that April is Stress Awareness Month?

We are already aware of our stress and stressors of course, but this month is more about getting into those channels of how to manage our stress.

I’d love to know what some of your favorite methods of stress-reduction are!


I’d like to share a few ideas – maybe it will inspire some of you to try new things!

… Yoga
Do you ever just feel like you need to go to that yoga class that you can just barely make it to?! I’ve done that on a few occasions. This month, try to make it to a class or two. Yoga does wonders for your mind-body connection. This is great for leaving everything that’s bothering you outside the studio doors and focusing on you for a bit.

… Exercise
Yes I separated this from yoga. Why? Because I’m saying exercise in more of the sense of “I need to go sweat this out, get worked up, get my heart rate elevated.” Maybe this means a room of punching bags, a wide open trail to run through, a block to kick in half, or those good old weights to lift overhead. I support and encourage everyone to get out there and do something positive that gets you moving. This physical movement is a great way to get you to mentally move through anything that is stressing you.

… Writing
For some, writing is a great way to express and work out any issues they’re having. Being able to write what is bothering you, why, and how it could be fixed is very therapeutic. This isn’t even something that needs to be shared. Write for yourself!

… Driving
Seems strange, but I’ve often found driving around the Triangle to be therapeutic. I feel like this is because I can give myself time to think through things. I’m also physically getting away from anything that’s been stressful.

… Arts & Crafts
Create stuff!
That’s all I have to say about that.

What’s the point here..?

Find something you’re able to do and get a stress release. Do something fun, playful, serious and thoughtful, or random. Dance your socks off or jump in puddles when it rains! Make April your month to try new ways of working through stress.