Frozen Days…

Chances are – if you’re local – you saw lots of sleet, freezing rain, and like 4 snow flakes the last few days. (I wish there had been more snow!)

If your days were anything like mine they involved some or all of the following: sitting, eating, restricted exercising (if any), TV, movies, Netflix, walk the dog, run back to house with dog, laundry, Facebook, emails, sledding, random dance parties in the house, sleeping on the couch – I think you’ve got the idea. Our lives were very different these last few days. No working, no driving, but lots of being sedentary.

How does all that affect our muscles?

Muscles are designed to move. When we’re spending more time not working the muscles and then we do something like sledding or walking on ice, it’s pretty startling to the body. We end up holding our bodies in awkward positions. From tensing when we are walking on ice, to bracing for impact at the bottom of a hill we are sledding down, to shivering – our muscles are tense.

Add to that a poor diet (because who is really watching what they eat when they’re stuck inside a house all day) and technology – iPads, computers, cell phones – and you have the perfect storm.

Now to the important information – why am I taking the time to mention this?

Winter happens. Being sedentary and involved in technology and losing track of good eating habits happens. However, there are ways to avoid being too lax when these frozen days hit.

  1. Try to keep more fresh foods in the house. By not keeping the bad stuff around, you’re much less likely to eat it. (Especially on a snow day when you’re stuck in the house with no transportation.)
  2. Keep moving! I’ll be the first to admit that exercising yourself and your dog in the house is a real thing – it does help to have dog on the smaller side. Take time to stay in motion when you’re in the house. You can keep up with chores, call friends and walk around your home (I’d suggest the pacing then the cleaning), or do what I did and run suicide drills in the hallway with your dog. Note to readers: the dog always wins. Every time.
  3. Water! Hydrate people, hydrate! If nothing else this ensures you’re getting up to walk to the bathroom frequently – thus helping with the 2nd bullet point!
  4. Bolster yourself. If you are going to spend a good amount of time watching Netflix, football, or reading it’s worth it to sit in positions where your body is more relaxed and supported. This helps tremendously with muscle tension – even on a normal day.
  5. Take a yoga class with Jaclyn Groff before you have snow and ice expected! The soreness stays with you the entirety of the storm. (Thanks, Jaclyn!)

Here’s to some sun-shiny days this week!

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