It’s finally here! The workshop designed to show you how to help yourself. Using tools you probably already have scattered around your house, this workshop will give you a step-by-step guide to self-massage. You will understand what causes muscle tension, learn useful tips on how to create good self-care habits, and leave with a better range of motion and more pliable muscles.

For the class you’ll need: 2 tennis balls, a lacrosse ball, and a foam roller. Cost for the class is either $30 (bring your own balls and roller), or $45 (balls and roller provided). You’re encouraged to bring any other self-massage tools you have.

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Top Tips for Headaches

It’s the end of the beginning of the week! Hooray! Hopefully you’ve gotten to enjoy a wonderful weekend and your work week is off to a fun start.

I want to hit a hot topic in many of our lives – headaches. Those nasty buggers that can pop up for no reason, the ones that linger for days, or the ones that just started happening to you later in life. Whatever the circumstances of the headache or the accompanying symptoms – they’re no fun! I’ve come up with my top tips for preventing and managing headaches.

This is my top go-to for obvious reasons. I am so thankful to have had schooling in kinesiology. Why? Because I know what nasty trigger points can cause. More importantly, I know how to stop them. Many major headache trigger points lie in muscles including: SCM, scalenes, and the traps. There are easy ways to work these muscles on your own to help with or to keep headaches at bay. There are videos available as well as literature, but I always encourage asking a professional for a demo.

It’s overrated, right? Wrong! Sleep is severely lacking in the US. We all know that. Yet we all continue with poor sleep habits: staying up late, playing on electronics too late, eating too late, not eating the right foods, etc. If we can get our sleep habits tightened up, we would be doing our bodies a huge favor.

Everyone is always talking about this! There’s a reason – staying hydrated can often times prevent many headaches from even beginning. Not only does it ward of headaches, it’s good for your whole body! When you’re staying hydrated, you’re keeping good stuff flowing in and flushing the bad stuff out.

Making sure your stress is low and you take time for you can play a key role. Meditation of the masses has been on the rise the last few years – and with good reason. There’s more and more research coming out about just how helpful meditation can be. Even if you’re not into that or don’t feel you have the time, just taking a few minutes out of your day for a breathing exercise can work wonders for the mind and body.

Headaches are unique to each individual. They can be daily or extremely random, intense or just annoying. Everyone has his or her own individual experience with these painful events. I encourage you to try improving or adding some of the above tips.

Go forth and have no headaches!


Munch on This

Hello, all!

Inflammation. Heard of it? Struggle with it? There are a few food items I’ve found over the years that help with that nasty word.

Now, I’m not a licensed dietician or nutritionist. However, I’ve noticed a link between a few foods and a decrease in inflammation, so I’d encourage you all to check them out further. Let’s get to it!

Spinach & Kale




Onions & Garlic

It seems that the more vibrant a foods color, the more anti-inflammatory properties it has. Try to choose foods that really pop! The flavor will amaze you and the benefits you reap will be well worth it.

Until next week!