Studio News.

Hello all!

I’ve been trickling out this information for a little while now, but next week is the arrival of something big!

I’ll be booking massages full-time!

Eep! Can you believe it?! More hours to choose from.

Keep in mind the January special – any massage booked and paid for* in January for a first-time client is $60 (regular $75).

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



* If the massage happens in February, but is paid for and scheduled in January, the special rate applies.


Dear Everyone..

Tuesdays are open for booking – ALL day!

I am going to include my new normal hours I’m open to schedule massages. Reach out soon to book your session – these new slots will book quickly!

MONDAY 8:30am-12:45pm

TUESDAY 8:30am-7pm

WEDNESDAY 8:30am-12:45pm

THURSDAY 8:30am-11am

FRIDAY 2pm-7pm

SATURDAY 10am-2pm (occasional)