It’s finally here! The workshop designed to show you how to help yourself. Using tools you probably already have scattered around your house, this workshop will give you a step-by-step guide to self-massage. You will understand what causes muscle tension, learn useful tips on how to create good self-care habits, and leave with a better range of motion and more pliable muscles.

For the class you’ll need: 2 tennis balls, a lacrosse ball, and a foam roller. Cost for the class is either $30 (bring your own balls and roller), or $45 (balls and roller provided). You’re encouraged to bring any other self-massage tools you have.

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Meet the Muscles..

Happy Monday morning, all!

It’s quite a dreary day out today, so let’s kick it old school. I’m taking you back to the ’90’s, kids. The days of instead-of-recess-let’s-watch-a-movie! And have I got an educational one for you!

We are going to learn all about the Hamstrings today.

There are three muscles that make up the group known as the Hamstrings: Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, and Biceps Femoris. The Hamstrings are located superficially on your posterior (or back) thigh. They cross over both the knee and hip joints – just look at their actions..

Actions for the Semi’s are the same:
flex the knee
medially rotate the flexed knee
extend the hip
assist to medially rotate the hip
tilt the pelvis posteriorly

Biceps femoris is responsible for:
flexing the knee
laterally rotating the knee
extending the hip
assisting to laterally rotate the hip
tilting the pelvis posteriorly

Now to the long-awaited video clip! This video has a short quiz at the end, so see what you can soak up to help answer the questions.

Until next week,